IEEE ComSoc International Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop
16-18 April 2019 // Naples, Florida, USA

Wednesday Speakers


Morning Keynote Speech – Intelligent Resiliency for SDN
David H. Lu
AT&T Labs
Vice President – D2 Platform & Systems Development

Emerging Technologies Panel – The Role of AI & ML in Emerging Technology
Carol Davids (Chair)
Illinois Institute of Technology
Professor & RTC Lab Director
Narendra Narang
Principal Solutions Architect – Telco
Anne Lee
Nokia Bell Labs
Fellow & Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Vijay Gurbani
Vail Systems
Principal Data Scientist

Segment Chair – 5G Beyond The Network
Jerry Nichols
Vice President – Sales
Session 4 – Setting the table; 5G use cases and target customer cases
Vidya Krishnan (Chair)
Head of Competence & Capability Consulting, Learning Services


Bob Gessel
Head of Technology Strategy Development North America, PSC

CQR Technical Committee Meeting
Scott Porestsky
Allot Communications
CQR Technical Committee Chair


Afternoon Keynote Speech

Session 5 – Monitoring 5G; profiles of applications and businesses that will be
Karl Rauscher (Chair)
Global Information Infrastructure Commission
Managing Director & CEO
Session 6 – A look ahead to some of the unique security challenges presented by 5G
Carl Herberger (Chair)
Vice President – Security
François Cosquer
CTO – Security
Les Goldman
Sr. Product Manager
Executive Panel – 5G: Separating Hype From Reality
Kelly Krick (Chair)
Solution Manager III – MANA Packet Core and Communication Services