IEEE ComSoc International Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop
16-18 April 2019 // Naples, Florida, USA

Wednesday Speakers


Morning Keynote Speech – Interoperability for Heterogeneous Information Systems
Dr. Robert Kahn
Corporation for National Research Initiatives
CEO and President

Emerging Technologies Panel – The Role of AI & ML in Emerging Technology
Carol Davids (Chair)
Illinois Institute of Technology
Professor & RTC Lab Director
Narendra Narang
Principal Solutions Architect – Telco
Anne Lee
Nokia Bell Labs
Fellow & Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Vijay Gurbani
Vail Systems
Chief Data Scientist
Jeremy Kepner
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Head of Supercomputing Center

Segment Chair – 5G Beyond The Network
Jerry Nichols
Vice President – Sales
Session 4 – Setting the table; 5G use cases and target customer segments
Vidya Krishnan (Chair)
Head of Competence & Capability Consulting, Learning Services
Gary Miller
Vice President, Global Solutions


Bob Gessel
Head of Technology Strategy Development North America, PSC
Jeremy Kepner
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Head of Supercomputing Center

CQR Technical Committee Meeting
Scott Porestsky
Allot Communications
CQR Technical Committee Chair


Afternoon Keynote Speech – Intelligent Resiliency for SDN
David H. Lu
AT&T Labs
Vice President – SDN Platform & Systems

Technical Papers Session 3 – IoT
Chikara Ohta (Technical Program Co-Chair)
Kobe University
Kai Zeng (Technical Program Co-Chair)
George Mason University
Kouji Hirata
Kansai University
Associate Professor
Ana Goulart
Texas A&M University
Associate Professor
Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei
Kings College London
Professor of Telecommunications

Session 5 – Policy as an essential ingredient of 5G success
Karl Rauscher (Chair)
Global Information Infrastructure Commission
Managing Director & CEO
John Strand
Strand Consult
Roslyn Layton
American Enterprise Institute
Visiting Scholar
James Seng
Global Information Infrastructure Commission

Technical Papers Session 4 – Vehicular Networks
Garret Moore
Nova Southeastern University
Computer Scientist, PhD Candidate
Rui Wang
Michigan State University
Ph D Candidate

Session 6 – A look ahead to some of the unique security challenges presented by 5G
Carl Herberger (Chair)
Vice President – Security
Corey Still
Bell Canada
Senior Product Manager – Network & Cyber Security
Jim Slattery
Hotwire Communications Ltd.
Senior VP of Advanced Technologies
Les Goldman
Sr. Product Manager