IEEE ComSoc International Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop
16-18 April 2019 // Naples, Florida, USA


Emerging Technologies Panel – Communications Quality, Reliability and Security in the Era of  Artificial Intelligence 
Chair: Carol Davids, Illinois Institute of Technology

Abstract – Artificial Intelligence was not born yesterday.  It has been identified as a separate area of scientific and technological research since the 1950’s.  At that time its goal was to learn how human intelligence operates and to create machines that could mimic those operations, a goal which is currently known as “Strong AI”.  Today, many enterprises and service providers are focused on modeling human reasoning for the solution of a myriad of socially and economically useful goals in areas as diverse as aviation, finance, medical diagnosis, telecom maintenance, and transportation.  Analysis of how human intelligence works is not the primary goal of many who work in the field today.

One aspect of AI that seems particularly relevant to the goals of CQR is the use of machines to make decisions in real-time or in near-real-time that impact the operations of networks and the services they support:  Information from sensor-, wireless- and cellular networks can be processed by thinking machines and used  to control and secure HVAC systems, to regulate traffic patterns and to support emergency services.  It can be used to  control robots used in heavy industry and to control network configurations.

This panel of experts will focus on the quality, reliability and security considerations associated with the uses of machines to make such decisions and will explore the state of standards and policy in this rapidly growing technology.

Speakers include

  • Narendra Narang    RedHat Principal Solutions Architect – Telco
  • Anne Lee   Nokia Bell Labs Fellow and Office of the Chief Technology Officer
  • Vijay Gurbani   Vail Systems Principal Data Scientist
  • Jeremy Kepner  MIT Lincoln Laboratory Fellow, Founder and Head MIT Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center


Executive Panel – 5G Separating Hype From Reality
Chair: Kelly Krick, Ericsson

Abstract5G is not just about the radio and it is hitting the market with many promised capabilities – less latency, more throughput, improved connection density, spectrum efficiency, more traffic capacity, and better network efficiency. These capabilities enable solutions for Smart Cities, Connected Cars, Industrial Controls, Healthcare, Virtual Reality, etc.  What is our current reality? What is the market getting and what are they doing with 5G?

Speakers include

  • Abby Knowles   Verizon Wireless
  • Jose de Francisco Lopez   Nokia Software
  • Geoff Hollingworth   MobiledgeX